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Supporting Neurodiverse Entrepreneurs in Business Management and Growth

Hi. I’m Julia, an author, project manager, and PA/VA who helps authors and entrepreneurs delegate to recover from or avoid burnout and work on building their businesses in a sustainable way. I specialize in Newsletter work/Email marketing and FB group management, but I also do influencer outreach and social media content creation for IG and Tiktok. I also can do some light graphic design and graphics creation and project management and online business management as well as marketing plans and event management. Oh, and a fun fact about me is I also speak a little bit of Japanese since I lived there for 1 year. Nice to meet you!

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Julia Goldhirsh has been my VA since the summer of 2022. During that time, they have worked tirelessly to help me market my catalog of books and grow my author business.

Julia has introduced me to multiple promotional opportunities and is always researching and working to discover additional promotions to showcase my work. If not for her suggestions and encouragement that I take a chance, I doubt I would have scored an editorial review that led to my most recent release being named a top read of 2022 by the Independent Book Review.

I appreciate that Julia remains in constant communication with me via the organizational boards on Trello. They also arrange regular monthly Zoom calls to make sure they are on track with my marketing and sales goals. They communicate clearly and often via text and email and watch my sales funnels to see where I’m having success and where we need to adjust so we can react in real-time.

This is the early days in my writing career, so Julia has had to teach me about how to plan ahead and where to position my books best. They have taken on this challenge with patience and good humor. They manage my promotions with an eye toward maximizing exposure as well as sales for long-term growth and opportunities to draw readers to my backlist. A weakness I have is social media marketing, something they recognized and took over for me in recent months.

As my VA, Julia has proven a valuable asset to my business growth. I appreciate their work very much and believe them to be an excellent project manager.

- Tam Derudder Jackson


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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